Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an internal art of self-defense that harmonizes the external body with internal energy. Its external movements stretch and strengthen the fascia of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, while the unique spiraling and twining movements massage the body’s internal organs circulating chi energy throughout the body. Studies by Western scientists continue to document more and more health benefits for students of all ages who practice this ancient art.

Open Sky Tai Chi classes teach basic Tai Chi movement in a step–by–step way. Movements are repeated and refined. These slow movements of Tai Chi, such as silk reeling exercises and forms, allow students to observe and feel their own body in motion. As legs and belly strengthen, awareness of back alignment increases and posture improves. Students will learn to recognize and release upper body tension and become increasingly supple through daily practice of Tai Chi movements. As students feel their own posture and balance improve, energy flows, healing and strengthening the body.

aut_0251Teachers Steven Kaufmann and Jesse Kaufmann study Tai Chi with Grand Master Wang Hai Jun, a master teacher of the Chen style of Tai Chi at the highest level. Wang Hai Jun was the first non-Chen family student to be traditionally trained in Chen Village in Henan in modern times. His teacher, Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, is one of the “Four Golden Tigers” of Chen style Tai Chi.

Before studying with Wang Hai Jun, Steve Kaufmann began his studies of Tai Chi over 30 years ago along with Aikido and meditation practice. He has studied with such notable Tai Chi teachers as William Chen, Lou Kleinsmith, Paul Gallagher, Lindsay Williams, Kumar Frantzis, and Nick Gudge. Jesse Kaufmann studied Tai Chi with Lindsay Williams and Michelle Dwyer in Berkeley, CA, and Nick Gudge Ireland. Jesse also studied modern dance & ballet for 25 years and has a second degree black belt in Aikido.

Times & Dues: Open Sky offers Tai Chi classes year round, in 5 class to 10 class sessions. See our schedule page for Tai Chi class times and dues page for an explanation of the dues structure.

Seminar Notice: Grand Master Wang Hai Jun returns annually to Open Sky in November and March  to continue to refine Laojia Yilu (old long form) and the tai chi straight sword. See our events page for more details, including hotel information for out of area guests.

Tai Chi Downloads for Students:

Master Wang Hai Jun Tai Chi Applications video at Open Sky

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