Kids Aikido

img_00841Aikido is an evolved martial art for today’s children.

Kids aikido classes teach cooperation, self control, and self defense while learning to protect their partner/attacker. Kids find Aikido aerobic, fun, and respectful.

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art with a unique philosophy: we need to take care of ourselves, but we also need to take care of others, too. This makes Aikido an excellent art for children’s physical, personal and social development. Aikido is not competitive, and there are no matches. Aikido is used to teach anti-bullying strategy and is often taught in mediation counseling as a physical metaphor for blending with an opponent in a social setting and understanding their point of view.

img_0054Children in Open Sky Aikido classes practice lots of Aikido rolls, a fun and safe way to fall down. This is an important safety measure for children that extends benefits beyond the dojo. Parents will also appreciate the etiquette of the dojo, which instills quiet, respectful sitting as an integral part of active learning.

Steve Sensei has years of experience in public school teaching and a lifetime of intensive martial arts training. These combine to give him insight into how to effectively create a positive learning environment for children, so students can grasp how to peacefully handle aggression and train safely. (See more about Steve’s teaching background.)

img_0030Kids Aikido classes are specific to the needs of different age groups. Teenagers 15 and up are grouped with the adult classes. We make provisions for young teens to have flexibility in attending some children’s classes and some adult beginner classes as they mature. We rely on the readiness and confidence of the student and want students to advance at their own pace. We believe in running classes like a family, so the young kids are often helped by our teens which gives confidence to both age groups. Parents are always welcome to watch classes. If parents of new students would like to watch class in advance, please see Open Sky’s schedule and contact us for an appointment.

Schedule: Open Sky’s kids Aikido schedule is divided into a Fall and Spring semester. We usually have a short session for June/July classes.

Cost: See Open Sky’s membership dues page for information on kids Aikido classes.

Children’s Aikido Downloads:
Summer 2018-1 pg 
Kids Aikido June 2018

Aikido Kids Test Downloads 

#1 Kids Aikido Test.purple belt    #2 Kids Aikido Test Yellow Belt   #3 Orange belt test

#4 Kids Aikido Blue belt test  #5 Kyu Green belt test  #6 Kids  Aikido Test. Brown and white

#7 Kids Aikido Test. Brown belt