Open Sky hosts seminars in Aikido and Chen style Tai Chi on a regular basis. See below for upcoming seminars, hotel information and links to driving directions.

Wang Hai Jun Seminar:

Silk Reeling, 1st Old Form, & Cannonfist

swordwang1November 9-11, 2018 

Master Wang Hai Jun returns November 9-11, 2018  to continue teaching, reviewing and refining our practice. Friday we will practice basic Chen Silk Reeling exercises; Saturday we will review the first Old Frame form, Laojia Yilu; New ! Sunday, November 11, Master Wang will  teach the Laojia Erlu, 2nd Old Frame form, also called Cannon Fist or “Pao Chui.”

Wang Hai Jun Seminar 11. 9.11.18 pdf

Discount deadline postmarked November 1, 2018. We do not have a a Paypal account. Please mail  tai chi seminar practice waiver , check payment,  or credit card info before the seminar deadline to receive the discount.

To pay by credit card over the phone by November 1: Call our studio at 919.732.6367 and leave a message with your phone number. We will call you back and take your credit card info. (See our contact page for details). Waivers and full payment are accepted at the door.

Email for a flyer with price information and seminar times if you would like to post it.

Spring Aikido seminar with Sensei Wee-Wow Dumlao

April 20-22, 2018 seminar.
Wee-Wow Dumlao, Chief Instructor of Gold Coast Aikikai to Open Sky Aikikai April 20-22, 2018 seminar.

M. Cristina (“Wee-wow”) Dumlao, 6th degree black belt, Shidoin, is the founder and Chief Instructor of Gold Coast Aikikai in Miami, Florida. Sensei Dumlao has been practicing martial arts continuously for over 32 years. She has practiced Aikido, Jujitsu, Tai Chi, and Escrima/Buno (Filipino).

Having cross-trained in the Filipino Martial Arts and Ju-jitsu, her style of Aikido practice is very intensive and practical, while retaining the fluid and graceful motions characteristic of Aikido techniques.

Spring Aikido Seminar with Wee-Sensei Wow Dumlao April 20-22

  • Note that the required aikido seminar practice waiver is available online and can be mailed with payment before the seminar for a discount. You may also pay over the phone in advance (see our contact page for details). Waivers and full payment are  accepted at the door.


Visiting students looking for recommended hotels near Open Sky can find a number within short driving distance of the dojo.

Driving Directions: Open Sky seminars are convenient to any areas of the Research Triangle of North Carolina, the Raleigh Durham Airport (RDU), and drivers from out-of-state coming in on I-40 and I-85. Please see our contact us page for more details.