Adult Aikido

header_adultaikido2-fwAikido is a great choice for men and women, younger teens and older adults. Aikido techniques can be effective regardless of a person’s size or strength, and sincere training can accommodate many abilities and body types. Students make their own schedule, with class available nearly every day of the week for the same fees. Beginners can attend all beginning and mixed-level classes and are encouraged to take as many classes as they can per month. Tuesdays are for advanced students with the permission of Kaufmann Sensei. Aikido weapons classes are offered frequently and integrated into classes.

Aikido techniques are based on moving into a strategic, safer place while unbalancing the opponent and redirecting the attacker’s force into a swirl of centrifugal force. Attackers are controlled with pins, wrist locks, and throws. As the attacker, the student learns how to fall, absorbing energy from the force of the throw and rolling out of harm’s way. The relationship of balance and awareness between the attacker and defender is critical to the study of Aikido.

Aikido classes are cooperative and energetic. Aikido does not have competitions. After warm-ups, students practice techniques introduced by the instructor in pairs or small groups. Each person gets to participate as both attacker and defender. People learn and take falls at their own rate and are advised by the class instructor and senior practice partners. See our video page for class excerpts, demonstrations and discussion of aikido philosophy.

Schedule: Open Sky offers adult Aikido six days a week. See our schedule page for more information.

Cost: See our Membership dues page for information. Aikido dues cover daily classes.