Membership Dues

header_membershipdues-fwMembership at a traditional martial arts school is more than standard gym membership. Students develop a relationship with instructors and fellow students, becoming a part of a community… and that community of junior and senior training partners is what makes training possible. Membership dues are one way we contribute to maintaining that shared community of practice.

*Aikido adults and children pay a one-time $35 registration fee to join.

Adult Aikido Dues

One month:  $80
Three Months: $225 $75/mo. (Saves $15)
Six Months: $425 $70.84/mo. (Saves $55)
4-mo. Beginner special: $295 Includes uniform

Expense Sharing Couples Rate (one payment received for both)

One Month: $150 $75/person/mo. (Saves $10)
Three Month: $420 $70/person/mo. (Saves $30)
Six Month: $820 $68.34/person/mo. (Saves $80)

Adult Aikido Dues Etiquette

Dues are due on the first week of the month. Dues paid after the 7th day of the month will incur a late fee of $10. Dues can be mailed to or dropped off at the Hillsborough dojo address or charged after class. Leaves of absence should be arranged in advance with the chief instructor.

It is a good idea to go to the contact us page and sign up on our mailing list for last-minute notices about schedule changes (like weather and holiday closings), seminars, and news from the dojo.

Children’s Aikido Dues

Children’s dues are paid by the traditional school year semester.  Enrollment is ongoing. If children join after the beginning of a term, the term is prorated. Fall dues cover a September through mid-December (3.5 months). Spring dues cover January though mid-May (4.5 months).

PRICES Fall Semester Fee Fall Two Payment Option Winter/Spring Semester Fee Winter/Spring Two Payment Option
One class/week $199 $105/105  $225  $120/$120
Two classes/week $299 $155/$155  $349  $180/$180
Three classes/week $349 $180/$180  $399  $205/$205
Single Trial Class $15

Single trial class $15 – can be applied to semester total within 2 weeks of 1st class.

Semester in two-payment option:  Adds charge to each half. Payments are due first week of September and first week in October.

Sibling discount: Full price for the first child, $25 off semester price for each additional child in the family.

Semester rate payments are due the first week of the new semester.

Tai Chi Dues (Adults)

Tai Chi training at Open Sky is broken into several series over the course of the year, each around 10 weeks long:

  • Early Fall (starts Labor Day week) 9 weeks $100
  • Late Fall (November/December)  short session TBD ~ $60
  • Winter (January-early March) 9 weeks $100
  • Spring (late March- May) 9 weeks $100
  • Summer series (July & August). 8-10 weeks (TBD) $100

Series prices vary by the number of classes offered per session and are due on the first day of the session.

Contact us for series pricing by email at or by phone at 919.732.6367. If by phone, please be sure to leave your contact info clearly so we can return your call.